120 North Road    Highland, NY 12528    (845) 691-9883
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120 North Road, Highland
 New York 12528
Originally part of the summer resort, Hotel Di Prima, which opened its doors in 1926, the Would Restaurant has a long history of warm hospitality.  

The Hotel Di Prima catered to Italian families from the New York City area. In the 1940s and 1950s, thousands of vacationing families came to relax and savor the rich summer  flavors of   “the country.”In 1994, Claire Winslow and Debra Dooley purchased the establishment and became partners in the Hudson Valley retreat.  With renovations underway they changed the name of the resort to the Inn At Applewood, and the restaurant to The Would. 

Many guests say that "the old resort atmosphere relaxes you and takes you back to slower days."  On summer evenings guests enjoy dining on the porch, while watching the boccie players.  In the winter they dine by a crackling fire with white linen table cloths, candlelight and fresh flowers.

Organic Foods
We think being good to your body and the environment is the start to a wonderful culinary experience. Our organic fruits, vegetables, and full range of poultry are the stars or our most popular dishes, like Pan-Seared Organic Chicken filled with Collard Greens and Tomato Confit with a Braised Garlic Sauce. 
Fine Wines
Winner of Wine Spectator Magazine Award of Excellence, since 1994, we have devoted much time and effort in exploring interesting domestic varietals. This exploration has resulted in a wonderful wine cellar. We're sure to match each appetizer, entree and dessert to the perfect partner or just pick your favorite and enjoy.
The Would Bakery
Yes, we even have an experienced baker at The Would. The aroma of fresh baked breads greets our guests at the table. In addition to the many varieties of fresh baked breads, we have pies, cakes and other desserts such as our irrestible Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream Bar and the Raspberry Chocolate Brulee.


Award of Excellence
The Would's successes have much to do with our skilled staff. With all the talent and experience it is no accident that we have won several American Culinary Federation (A.C.F.) medals one gold and three silver. 
We're also very proud of our glowing reviews in The New York Times and the Restaurant and Institution Magazine.